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TV Troubleshooting Wizard The TV Troubleshooting Wizard helps you figure out what's wrong with your major brand DLP or LCD projection television.
TV Troubleshooting Wizard Are lights blinking on the front of your DLP or LCD projection set? Follow the link to the TV LED light guide to find out what it all means.
TV Troubleshooting Wizard Still not convinced with all of the troubleshooting you've done on your own? Get support from a live person. Support through the Forum is from television users like you, sharing their experiences--and sometimes, horror stories.
TV Troubleshooting Wizard A guide to replacing your DLP or LCD projection lamp.

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Frequently asked questions about Rear Projection Televisions.

I hear whining noises...

Whining sounds may be the color wheel (for DLP TVs)

If you hear a whining noise from your DLP set, it's most likely the color wheel. Older model television sets use a ball-barring color wheel that may become damaged overtime. If you do not have a DLP television, a whining sound may be another faulty component. Check out our troubleshooting wizard and see if that helps to solve your problem, or give us a call (800) 281-8860 -- together, we'll get it fixed for you!


I hear clicking noises...

Clicking sounds, may be the ballast

Many things can cause clicking noises. Bad ballasts are a likely explaination, but we recommend you contact us immediately for detailed troubleshooting at (800) 281-8860. Check out our troubleshooting wizard and see if that helps to solve your problem, or give us a call (800) 281-8860 -- together, we'll get it fixed for you!


My lamp turns off after a few mins.

TV shuts off automatically

A lamp that turns off after a few minutes might be caused by another failing component. RPTV lamps purchased from us have an extremely low failure rate -- about 1 in 10,000 lamps actually fail. The rest that fail are caused by somethign else. It's best to give us a call at (800) 281-8860 for detailed troubleshooting. If we can't help you solve the problem, we'll refer you to someone who can!


There are flashing, or blinking lights in front of my TV set.

Blinking LEDs

Blinking LEDs on the front panel of your television are usually indicators of something faulty within your television system. We have a detailed guide of the most common problems for major brand televisions located here. If that doesn't solve your problem, or if you're still unsure, we're available overtime to help you at (800) 281-8860. We'll help you before you buy from us, or anyone else.


Reseting you lamp counter: Do I need to reset?

Do I need to reset my TV?

Sometimes, yes, you do. Lamp reset instructions can be found on


Do you have user manuals for my TV?

We have a huge inventory of manuals online on, just navigate over there to check it out!s


How do I change out the lamp myself?

Do it yourself to save money!

Changing your lamp is very simple to do. We have extensive guides and videos to show you how it's done. Most take about 5-10 minutes. We do recommend you check your lamp cage, or lamp enclosure for defects though because a warped cage can be misaligned in your television unit -- especially true for projectors. If you have any questions, just give us a call (800) 281-8860.


Why buy original parts?

Buying original parts ensures maximum compatibility. Philips are the genuine, OEM lamp product for most DLP and LCD projection televisions, so we recommend them over all else. When it comes to Philips, they are OEM, or even better than OEM. Just Google around on the internet!


Where can I get additional help?

Visit the Blog or the Forum for expert advice!


For troubleshooting on any DLP or other late-model rear projection television, please give us a call at (800) 281-8860 and speak with our friendly technical support team. is an Upfront Merchant on TheFind. Click for info.