Original, OEM Lamps vs. Generic Lamps

Which last longer? Which shines brighter? Which is the most cost effective? Which is better?

OEM vs Generic Lamps

We don't care what anyone else says, Philips is the best bang for your buck. They are the inventors of UHP, and they are the OEM (ORIGINAL equipment manufacturer) lamp product manufacturer for 90% of the DLP and LCD projection sets out there. They engineer the most efficient, long lasting product on the market today, and saving $10-20 bucks will cost you another lamp in a years time. Is that a risk you're willing to take? If it says "Geniune" make sure the next words are "Philips" and "Lamp." We could sell "Genuine DM" product, but we're the authorized distributor for Philips Lighting. Why mess with a good thing? Philips lamps are hands down the best digital lighting product out on the market today and we have studies to prove it.

Other competitors will tell you they're selling Genuine and OEM lamps, but they don't tell you the manufacturer. They will also say there is nothing wrong with their product, or claims that Philips is the best lamp are simply not true. We give you the option to compare for yourself -- buy either Philips or Osram, and in 1 year, tell us if your Osram lamp is still working. There's a reason those lamps are a hell of a lot cheaper than Philips!

Now keep reading below for the proof.

OEM Lamp Chart

TV Manufacturer OEM (original) Equivalent,
LG Philips Philips Philips
JVC Philips* Philips Philips Philips
LG Philips Philips Philips
Mitsubishi Philips Philips Philips
Philips Philips* Philips Philips Philips
Philips Philips Philips Philips
RCA Philips Philips Philips
Samsung Philips (Toshiba and Osram on first generation models only) Philips Philips
Sharp Philips Philips Philips
Sony Philips Philips Philips
Toshiba Toshiba Other DC Lamp Other DC Lamp
Vivitek Philips Philips Philips
Zenith Philips Philips Philips

Philips is both OEM and recommended for almost all major brand rear projection televisions!

*Matsushita Electric produces OEM lamps, but is a Panasonic owned and operated company

Compatibility chart from LampResearch.com, used with permission.

Experts Agree Philips Lamps Are the Best

Experts agree

We've been saying it for years: Philips lamps are the best. Now we have irrefutable evidence that Philips lamps last longer. Philips lamps are brighter. Philips lamps are the best. A recent KEMA report exposes the benefits of purchasing a generic lamp vs. an OEM brand such as Philips Lighting. Using a non-OEM part may even damage your television or projector. These aren't your ordinary household light bulbs, they are high pressure, high intensity, mercury vapor (Hg) lamps. The highest of the high tech lamps.

via LampResearch.com

Pro AV Magazine has an article about counterfeit lamps and the engineering that goes into genuine Philips parts. If you're wondering, read this PDF, an interview with CEO or Philips Special Lighting Applications Business Group, Henk Coppens.

Pro Service Magazine, an industry trade magazine, has an article entitled "An Advanced Guide to RPTV Lamp Replacement." The jist is that you get what you pay for and when buying a specialty product, you might want to go with the best instead of saving a few bucks.

Counterfeit and Copy Lamps = Bad Business

What to look out for when buying a new lamp for your television

Experts agree

Here's an important tip you should know about DLP and LCD projection lamps: Buy from a reputable, authorized dealer. Cloned and copied, counterfeit lamps have made their way into the distribution chain. If you have any questions about who you're buying from, don't. Give us a call and we'll tell you if they are authorized or not -- do your own research. We've got millions of online sales and amazing feedback from customers.

These counterfeit and copy lamps have saturated the market and you really have to do some research to find out who's REALLY authorized. We are authorized, and we'd stake our reputation on it.

To learn more about OEM Philips products, please give us a call at (800) 281-8860 and speak with our friendly customer support team.

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