Go Green with Refurbished and Reconditioned

We love our gadget and electronic household goods. And why wouldn’t we when they help us with our busy lives? However, many of those household electronic goods are being thrown out and end up as e-waste. Every year, our household electronics generate about 2.84 million tons of consumer e-waste. That’s about 2 percent of all municipal solid waste that goes to landfills where the heavy metals from these products leak into the groundwater, which is not good for the planet or our health.

Here at Discount Merchant, we’ve joined the movement of upcycling and selling refurbished household electronics because we think it’s a great way to reduce e-waste and make the world a greener place.


We have a history of helping people keep their electronic working. Discount Merchant began by selling authentic projection TV and projector lamps and bulbs as well as replacement parts for televisions. We helped people extend the life of their projectors and TVs. So, it was a natural fit to add reconditioned or refurbished household products like Shark vacuums and Ninja blenders. These are well designed products that enjoy a second life after we show them a bit of love. Our factory takes these blenders, coffee makers, food processors, and vacuums to be reconditioned or refurbished by our professional team. You can expect to have the same brand quality and performance at a fraction of the cost.

We think that’s a winning combination. You get your new household gadget, save money and help the planet. Check out our collection to go green and save. Check our collection here.