Epson ELPLP71 50857 Osram Projector Lamp Housing (Complete Module) Large

Epson ELPLP71 Replacement Projector Lamp / Osram / with Housing

Product Code: 50857-Osram-Module-FP


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Compatible With
Part Numbers: ELPLP71, ELP LP71, ELP-LP71, ELPLP71, EP V13H010L71, EP-V13H010L71, EPV13H010L71, H010L71, V13H010L71

Model Numbers: BrightLink 475Wi, BrightLink475Wi, V11H453520W, BrightLink 480i, BrightLink480i, V11H486520W, BrightLink 485Wi, BrightLink485Wi, V11H452520W, BrightLink Pro 1410Wi, BrightLink Pro1410Wi, BrightLinkPro 1410Wi, BrightLinkPro1410Wi, V11H480525W, EB-480, EB-480T, EB480, EB480T, EB-485W, EB-485WT, EB485W, EB485WT, PowerLite 470, PowerLite470, V11H456020, PowerLite 475W, PowerLite 475W WXGA, PowerLite 475Wi, PowerLite 475WWXGA, PowerLite475W, PowerLite475W WXGA, PowerLite475WWXGA, V11H455020, PowerLite 480, PowerLite 480 XGA, PowerLite 480i, PowerLite 480XGA, PowerLite480, PowerLite480 XGA, PowerLite480XGA, V11H485020, PowerLite 485W, PowerLite 485Wi, PowerLite 485WWXGA, PowerLite485W, PowerLite485W WXGA, PowerLite485WWXGA, V11H454020

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