Optoma BL-FU180A 51448 Osram Projector Lamp (Bare Bulb) Large

Optoma BL-FU180A Replacement Projector Lamp / Osram / Bare Bulb

Product Code: 51448-Osram-Bare-FP


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Part Numbers: BL-FU180A, BL FU180A, BL FU180B, BL FU180C, BL FU200C, BL-FU180A, BL-FU180B, BL-FU180C, BL-FU200C, BLFU180A, BLFU180B, BLFU180C, BLFU200C, FU180A, SP.82G01.001, SP.82G01001, SP.86J01G.C01, SP.86J01GC01, SP82G01.001, SP82G01001, SP86J01G.C01, SP86J01GC01

Model Numbers: DX605, DX605R, DX605ST, EP716, EP7161, EP7169, EP716MX, EP716P, EP716R, Ez Pro 716, EzPro 716, EzPro 716P, EzPro 716R, EzPro716, EzPro716P, EzPro716R, EP7161, EP 7161, EzPro 7161, EzPro7161, EP719, EP7190, EP7195, EP7199, EP719MX, EP719P, EP719R, Ez Pro 719, EzPro 719, EzPro 719P, EzPro 719R, EzPro719, EzPro719P, EzPro719R, EP738MX, EP 738 MX, EP 738MX, EP-738-MX, EP738 MX, S16E, S16E, S17E, S17E, TS400, TS400, TX700, TX700, VE2ST, VE2ST, X17E, X17E, X20E, X20E

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