Optoma BL-FP300A 51430 Osram Projector Lamp (Bare Bulb) Large

Optoma BL-FP300A Replacement Projector Lamp / Osram / Bare Bulb

Product Code: 51430-Osram-Bare-FP


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Compatible With
Part Numbers: BL-FP300A, BL FP300A, BL FS300A, BL-FP300A, BL-FS300A, BLFP300A, BLFS300A, SP.85Y01G.C01, SP.85Y01GC01, SP.89601.001, SP.89601001, SP85Y01G.C01, SP85Y01GC01, SP89601.001, SP89601001

Model Numbers: EP759, EP759, EP780, EP780, EP781, EzPro781, TX780, TX780

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