Epson ELPLP14 50802 PHILIPS Projector Lamp (Bare Bulb) Large

Epson ELPLP14 Replacement Projector Lamp / Philips / Bare Bulb

Product Code: 50802-Philips-Bare-FP


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Compatible With
Part Numbers: ELPLP14, ELP LP14, ELP-LP14, ELPLP14, EP V13H010L14, EP-V13H010L14, EPV13H010L14, H010L14, V13H010L14

Model Numbers: PowerLite 503c, EMP-503, EMP-503c, EMP503, EMP503c, PowerLite 505c, EMP-505, EMP-505c, EMP505, EMP505c, PowerLite 703c, EMP-703, EMP-703c, EMP703, EMP703c, PowerLite 713c, EMP-713, EMP-713c, EMP713, EMP713c, PowerLite 715c, EMP-715, EMP-715c, EMP715, EMP715c

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