Sony XL-2400 60111 PHILIPS Television Lamp Housing (Complete Module) Large

Sony XL-2400 Replacement TV Lamp / Philips / with Housing

Product Code: 60111-Philips-Module-TV


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Compatible With
Part Numbers: XL-2400, A-1129-776-A, A1129-776-A, A1129776-A, A1129776A, F-9308-750-0, F9308-750-0, F9308750-0, F93087500, XL-2400C, XL-2400E, XL-2400J, XL-2400U, XL2400, XL2400C, XL2400E, XL2400J, XL2400U

Model Numbers: KDF-42E2000, KDF42E2000, KDF-46E2000, KDF46E2000, KDF-46E2010, KDF46E2010, KDF-50E2000, KDF50E2000, KDF-50E2010, KDF50E2010, KDF-55E2000, KDF55E2000, KDF-55E2010, KDF55E2010, KDF-E42A10, KDF-E42A10A, KDF-E42A10E, KDF-E42A10U, KDFE42A10, KDFE42A10A, KDFE42A10E, KDFE42A10U, KDF-E42A11, KDF-E42A11A, KDF-E42A11E, KDF-E42A11U, KDFE42A11, KDFE42A11A, KDFE42A11E, KDFE42A11U, KDF-E42A12, KDF-E42A12A, KDF-E42A12E, KDF-E42A12U, KDFE42A12, KDFE42A12A, KDFE42A12E, KDFE42A12U, KDF-E50A10, KDF-E50A10A, KDF-E50A10E, KDF-E50A10U, KDFE50A10, KDFE50A10A, KDFE50A10E, KDFE50A10U, KDF-E50A11, KDF-E50A11A, KDF-E50A11E, KDF-E50A11U, KDFE50A11, KDFE50A11A, KDFE50A11E, KDFE50A11U, KDF-E50A12, KDF-E50A12A, KDF-E50A12E, KDF-E50A12U, KDFE50A12, KDFE50A12A, KDFE50A12E, KDFE50A12U, KF-42E200, KF-42E200A, KF-42E200E, KF-42E200U, KF42E200, KF42E200A, KF42E200E, KF42E200U, KF-42E201A, KF 42E201A, KF42E201A, KF-50E200, KF-50E200A, KF-50E200E, KF-50E200U, KF50E200, KF50E200A, KF50E200E, KF50E200U, KF-E42A10, KFE42A10, KF-E50A10, KFE50A10

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