Identifying / Replacing / Changing Your Samsung DLP Lamp -How-To Guide
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Step 1. Identifying the correct lamp code

Before placing an order online, you must identify which lamp code you need.
The lamp code is located usually on the left side of the TV.
Changing Your Samsung DLP Lamp
 Again, the lamp code is NOT the back of the TV, but the left hand side as shown, on a red and white sticker.
Changing Your Samsung DLP Lamp -Lamp Code
Now that you have identified your lamp code, you can search for it on using the search it option or by entering the Lamp Code here: ______________
If you cannot find the lamp code on the side of your TV (remember on one side of your TV you'll find the model and serial number, on the OPPOSITE side of the TV is where the RED and WHITE lamp code is located), that means you will need to proceed and take out the enclosure to physically verify which enclosure you have.
Step 2. Locating the Enclosure Housing rear access door
First of all, unplug the TV from the wall outlet.  You have a few thousand volts going through your ballast, be very careful!  It's also a good idea to let the TV cool down for a good 15-20 minutes. 
Ok, now, the enclosure housing access door is usually located on the back of your Samsung TV, as the following illustration shows:
How to Change your Samsung Lamp, Step 3

Here is the close-up of the access door:

With a standard philips screw driver you'll be able to remove the cover in a few seconds...
Step 3. Accessing the lamp enclosure
Once you remove the rear access door, the lamp enclosure should be visible...
Step Four How to change your Samsung DLP Lamp
 Here's a picture of the enclosure inside the TV. 95% of the time, there is a screw that holds the lamp down in place...unscrew it!  Sometimes there are two screws, and sometimes the screws can only be loosed (not completely removed from the enclosure).  Regardless, loose the screw(s) and pull out the enclosure!
How To, Samsung Replacement Lamp Guide
Sometimes there is a swinging handle and sometimes there is a stationary handle as shown below:
Now that you've got the lamp enclosure out, you can double check the lamp code number.  If there is a discrepency between what the outside of the TV says compared to the enclosure that is inside the TV, default to the part number that is written on the enclosure itself. 
In this case, the lamp code on top is different than this one above...always default to whatever is stated on your lamp enclosure.
At this point, if you are reusing your housing and changing the lamp, click over to: and pick your particular lamp code for detail instructions on how to disassembly your enclosure.
Step 4. Re-assembly of the enclosure
It is critical you reassembly the TV by scewing down the enclosure and the rear access door completely prior to trying to turn on the TV.  There is a blue sensor inside the TV which is not activated until the rear door is reseated.  If the rear door is not installed, your TV will NOT turn on!
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