Digitenna DUV-XF Extreme-range antenna

Digitenna DUV-XF Extreme-range antenna
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This is one of the best consumer digital antenna money can buy...Digitenna defines this as the "Extreme Fringe" capable of picking up reception as far as 65 miles away!  This high definition television (HDTV) antenna will pick up local stations in just about any US city.  With it's patent pending design, this Digitenna DUV Series antenna provides VHF/HI Band Gain and outperforms typical UHF designs that are 2-3 times longer!  Size doesn't always mean quality in digital reception, and this is Digitenna's top tier antenna.

Since June 12, 2009, full-power television stations nationwide have been broadcasting exclusively in a digital format. If you’re still using an analog TV set, you have to connect it to a digital-to-analog converter box to watch digital programming. If you have not yet done so, you can still make the switch now:


Manufacturer Digitenna
Model DUV-XF
Known As DVU-Extreme Fringe
Range 0 to 65+ miles
Length 66"
Width 33"
Net Weight 3.5 lbs
Replacement Guide Digitenna DUV-XF antenna Specification Sheet


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