Samsung BP96-00674A Replacement Color Wheel with Housing (SVP-50L3HR)

Samsung BP96-00674A Replacement Color Wheel with Housing (SVP-50L3HR)
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Display Type DLP Television
Description Color Wheel
Part Number BP96-00674A
Quality Assurance This part has a 30 warranty for all registered servicers. View full warranty policy here
Enclosure (with housing) Included
Availability 1-2 business days
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Compatible with at least following televisions:
43' TV's 46' TV's 50' TV's 56' TV's 61' TV's
HLR4264W HLP4663W HLP5063W HLP5663W HLP6163W
HLR4266W HLP4667W HLP5067W HLP5667W HLP6167W
SP42L6HR HLR4664W HLR5064W HLR5667W HLR6164W
  HLR4667W HLR5067W   HLR6167W
  SP46L3HR PT50DL14   SP61L3HR
    SP50L3HR   SP61L6HR

If you are installing a FDB Bearing (GOLD) Colorwheel, in place of your FAB Bearing (SILVER) Colorwheel you will need to install a jumper ("Shorted") on the DMD Board (Jumper CN810). This jumper is on the BACK SIDE of the DMD Board. Keep in mind that the HOUSING of this colorwheel is NOT INCLUDED. The FDB (Ball Bearing) color wheel and the FAB (Air Bearing) color wheel are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!

Does your TV make a "whining, whirling, clicking, or humming noise?" If the TV have the infamous blinking lights problem and you're replaced your lamp without success, it's most likely a problem with your color wheel. The Samsung BP96-00674A color wheels spin anywhere from 6,000 to 15,000 revolutions per minute (RPM’s)--It is one of the few consumable parts in your Samsung TV. The average life expectancy from our data logging shows the Samsung color wheels are fairly reliable with a MEAN average of 5-8 years, compared to the trouble prong RCA color wheels which on average last 3-5 years! The following pictures are from Samsung HLP/HLR Series FDB ball bearing color wheel.

This BP96-00674A is the replacement color wheel for many HLP, HLR, SP, and PT DLP TV’s. HLP & HLR Series TVs are Samsung DLP's produced for the US marketplace. SP Series TVs are primarily for European marketplaces (and there may be some of these sets in Canada). PT series refers to AKAI DLP TV’s, which are also distributed in the US marketplace. THE AKAI TV’s utilize Samsung components but are re-badged as AKAI.

You may need to replace your Samsung BP96-00674A color wheel if your DLP television set starts making a buzzing, whirling, spining or grinding sound. The Samsung BP96-00674A color wheel spins anywhere from 6,000 up to 15,000 revolutions per minute (RPMs); It is one of the few consumable parts in your Samsung TV. The average life expectancy is an average time of 3-5 years. Also if you are having problems with your DLP TV by changing the lamp without any results and you are hearing the noises mentioned above on the back of your set, then your problem is with your color wheel. Give us a call at (800) 281-8860 and we will do our best to troubleshoot your problem.

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