SAMSUNG BP96-00824D / BP91-01847J / BP91-01847G / BP96-00822K / BP96-01018A L6 CHASSIS LIGHT ENGINE

SAMSUNG BP96-00824D / BP91-01847J / BP91-01847G / BP96-00822K / BP96-01018A L6 CHASSIS LIGHT ENGINE
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If your TV chassis is a L3 Click here.
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TV Manufacturer SAMSUNG
Chassis Model L6
Light Engine Part Number(s) BP96-00824D / BP91-01847J / BP91-01847G / BP96-00822K / BP96-01018A
Other Part Number(s) BP96-00822L / BP96-00822M / BP96-00822N / BP96-00822R / BP96-00822S / BP96-01018A / BP96-01018B / BP96-01018C / BP96-01018D / BP96-01018E / BP96-01018F / BP96-01018G / BP96-01018H / BP96-01018J / BP96-01018K / BP96-01018L / BP96-01018M / BP96-01018N / BP96-01018P / BP96-01018Q / BP96-01018S / BP96-01018T / BP9600822K / BP9600822L / BP9600822M / BP9600822N / BP9600822R / BP9600822S / BP9601018A / BP9601018B / BP9601018C / BP9601018D / BP9601018E / BP9601018F / BP9601018G / BP9601018H / BP9601018J / BP9601018K / BP9601018L / BP9601018M / BP9601018N / BP9601018P / BP9601018Q / BP9601018S / BP9601018T / BP960824D
Condition Refurbished
Warranty 60-Day Defect Warranty
Compatible TVs HL-P4663W (HLP4663W)
HL-P4667W (HLP4667W)
HL-P5063W (HLP5063W)
HL-P5067W (HLP5067W)
HL-P5663W (HLP5663W)
HL-P5667W (HLP5667W)
HL-R4264W (HLR4264W)
HL-R4266W (HLR4266W)
HL-R4664W (HLR4664W)
HL-R4667W (HLR4667W)
HL-R5056W (HLR5056W)
HL-R5064W (HLR5064W)
HL-R5066W (HLR5066W)
HL-R5067W (HLR5067W)
HL-R5656W (HLR5656W)
HL-R5662W (HLR5662W)
HL-R5667W (HLR5667W)
HL-R6156W (HLR6156W)
HL-R6164W (HLR6164W)
HL-R6167W (HLR6167W)
HL-R6767W (HLR6767W)
PT-50DL14 (PT50DL14)
SP-42L6HR (SP42L6HR)
SP-46L6HR (SP46L6HR)
SP-50L6HR (SP50L6HR)
SP-50L6HX (SP50L6HX)
SP-61L6HR (SP61L6HR)
SP-67L6HR (SP67L6HR)
SP-67L6HX (SP67L6HX)
HL-P4663W/STR (HLP4663W/STR)
HL-P4663W/XAA (HLP4663W/XAA)
HL-P4663W/XAC (HLP4663W/XAC)
HL-P4663W/XAG (HLP4663W/XAG)
HL-P4663W/XAO (HLP4663W/XAO)
HL-P4663W/XAP (HLP4663W/XAP)
HL-P4663W/XAX (HLP4663W/XAX)
HL-P4667W/STR (HLP4667W/STR)
HL-P4667W/XAA (HLP4667W/XAA)
HL-P4667W/XAC (HLP4667W/XAC)
HL-P4667W/XAG (HLP4667W/XAG)
HL-P4667W/XAO (HLP4667W/XAO)
HL-P5063W/XAA (HLP5063W/XAA)
HL-P5063W/XAC (HLP5063W/XAC)
HL-P5063W/XAG (HLP5063W/XAG)
HL-P5063W/XAO (HLP5063W/XAO)
HL-P5067W/STR (HLP5067W/STR)
HL-P5067W/XAA (HLP5067W/XAA)
HL-P5067W/XAC (HLP5067W/XAC)
HL-P5067W/XAG (HLP5067W/XAG)
HL-P5067W/XAO (HLP5067W/XAO)
HL-P5663W/STR (HLP5663W/STR)
HL-P5663W/XAA (HLP5663W/XAA)
HL-P5663W/XAC (HLP5663W/XAC)
HL-P5663W/XAG (HLP5663W/XAG)
HL-P5663W/XAO (HLP5663W/XAO)
HL-P5667W/STR (HLP5667W/STR)
HL-P5667W/XAA (HLP5667W/XAA)
HL-P5667W/XAC (HLP5667W/XAC)
HL-P5667W/XAG (HLP5667W/XAG)
HL-P5667W/XAO (HLP5667W/XAO)
HL-R4264W/STR (HLR4264W/STR)
HL-R4264W/XAA (HLR4264W/XAA)
HL-R4264W/XAC (HLR4264W/XAC)
HL-R4264W/XAG (HLR4264W/XAG)
HL-R4264W/XAO (HLR4264W/XAO)
HL-R4266W/STR (HLR4266W/STR)
HL-R4266W/XAA (HLR4266W/XAA)
HL-R4266W/XAC (HLR4266W/XAC)
HL-R4266W/XAG (HLR4266W/XAG)
HL-R4266W/XAO (HLR4266W/XAO)
HL-R4664W/STR (HLR4664W/STR)
HL-R4664W/XAA (HLR4664W/XAA)
HL-R4664W/XAC (HLR4664W/XAC)
HL-R4664W/XAG (HLR4664W/XAG)
HL-R4664W/XAO (HLR4664W/XAO)


This light engine includes Optical Block,Color Wheel, Ballast / Lamp Driver, DLP Engine, Lens, and Calibration / Certification Sheet.

BUY an OEM Lamp

Along with this light engine, we recommend buying the genuine replacement lamp, or OEM product, which has been extensively tested and engineered for your television model, and will revive that unparalleled quality picture and technology. The lamp for this televisions is Philips E22 or E23, BP96-00826A.

Original Lamp Replacement - Additional 90 Days of Warranty

BUY an OEM Lamp in Housing

If you need a complete light engine, with lamp installed, you can save time by purchasing this light engine with the complete OEM lamp unit (lamp and housing). For the easiest and quickest installation, purchase the complete lamp housing assembly! The complete lamp housing assembly is BP96-00826A.

Purchase Lamp with Complete Housing

BUY a Remote Control

Lost the remote control? The remote control for this television is BN59-00687A.

Purchase Lamp with OEM Remote
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