Sony XL-2400 Lamp Replacement F-9308-750-0

Sony XL-2400 Lamp Replacement F-9308-750-0
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Price: $74.99
Price: $74.99
Manufacturer Sony
Part Number: XL-2400
Alternate Part Number(s): XL-2400, A-1129-776-A, F-9308-750-0, A1129776A, F93087500, XL2400, XL2400U, XL2400E, XL2400C, XL2400J, XL-2400U, XL-2400E, XL-2400C, XL-2400J, A1129-776-A, F9308-750-0, A1129776-A, F9308750-0
Condition: Factory New
Lamp Wattage: 120W
Known Models: Sony KDF-42E2000
Sony KDF42E2000
Sony KDF-46E2000
Sony KDF46E2000
Sony KDF-46E2010
Sony KDF46E2010
Sony KDF-50E2000
Sony KDF50E2000
Sony KDF-50E2010
Sony KDF50E2010
Sony KDF-55E2000
Sony KDF55E2000
Sony KDF-55E2010
Sony KDF55E2010
Sony KDF-E42A10
Sony KDF-E42A10A
Sony KDF-E42A10E
Sony KDF-E42A10U
Sony KDFE42A10A
Sony KDFE42A10E
Sony KDFE42A10U
Sony KDFE42A10
Sony KDF-E42A11
Sony KDF-E42A11A
Sony KDF-E42A11E
Sony KDF-E42A11U
Sony KDFE42A11A
Sony KDFE42A11E
Sony KDFE42A11U
Sony KDFE42A11
Sony KDF-E42A12
Sony KDF-E42A12A
Sony KDF-E42A12E
Sony KDF-E42A12U
Sony KDFE42A12A
Sony KDFE42A12E
Sony KDFE42A12U
Sony KDFE42A12
Sony KDF-E50A10
Sony KDF-E50A10A
Sony KDF-E50A10E
Sony KDF-E50A10U
Sony KDFE50A10A
Sony KDFE50A10E
Sony KDFE50A10U
Sony KDFE50A10
Sony KDF-E50A11
Sony KDF-E50A11A
Sony KDF-E50A11E
Sony KDF-E50A11U
Sony KDFE50A11A
Sony KDFE50A11E
Sony KDFE50A11U
Sony KDFE50A11
Sony KDF-E50A12
Sony KDF-E50A12A
Sony KDF-E50A12E
Sony KDF-E50A12U
Sony KDFE50A12A
Sony KDFE50A12E
Sony KDFE50A12U
Sony KDFE50A12
Sony KF-42E200
Sony KF-42E200A
Sony KF-42E200E
Sony KF-42E200U
Sony KF42E200A
Sony KF42E200E
Sony KF42E200U
Sony KF42E200
Sony KF-50E200
Sony KF-50E200A
Sony KF-50E200E
Sony KF-50E200U
Sony KF50E200A
Sony KF50E200E
Sony KF50E200U
Sony KF50E200
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1. SCOTT on 4/22/2014, said:
Item came in a box that protected the lamp/enclosuure @ a minimum level (Only reason I rated @ 4 stars) I ordered the OEM Philips lamp along with the enlosure on Friday, 4/18/2014 and received my order on Monday, 4/21/2014 and that was using the "free shipping" complaints there! Once opened, the replacement lamp had came with ample paperwork describing the lamp's authentic markers/serial numbers, just in case someone were to feel as if this was a knockoff bulb. Lastly. installation was achieved with minimal effort, there is also paperwork describing the install process just in case you forgot when you pulled the bulb out. Overall, I am happy with the purchase. I immediately saw the difference in the replacement lamp VS the existing lamp that was night and day as far as brightness is much so that I had to go into my settings to turn down the brightness in several categories. Word to the savers out there: If you search online you can locate a promo code for 10% off your purchase...or other offers as well. They change as time passes so you will have to do trial and error till you find a valid one that hasn't expired (took me about 20 minutes of searching). Good seller, and I would definitely purchase from these guys again.
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2. Ankit on 1/18/2013, said:
I bought this Sony XL-2400 Philips lamp, and it works great. The delivery was super fast and well packaged. I bought the cheaper lamp earlier on other website, however it burnt out within 4 months and the picture quality was not that great either. However, this lamp works great and my tv picture quality is back to original. Hope it will last couple of years. Thank you!
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3. Anonymous User on 3/16/2010, said:
great product which was packed well. shipped and received in good time. reasonably priced. great after care and advice offered. a real recommend for the company.
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